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We are a company that offers its customers machines, tools, etc., of the most reliable manufacturers. .

In us you will find diamonds, industrial flooring items, sculpture items, tile items, abrasives, machines, power tools, hand tools, marble materials, spare parts, accessories and consumables. We work with the largest manufacturers in the field such as Bosch, Makita, Raimondi, Sigma, Stanley etc. The customers who trust us all these years find in us:

- Authorized service of Crete Makita as well as responsible service in Bosch, Skil, Dremel tools etc.

- Numerous professional machines and tools for rent.

- Full support for repair (retreading) of diamond tools of all manufacturers.

- Large variety of ready-made professional tools with a 3-year warranty.

- Cutting discs, body cups and other diamonds of excellent quality from the leading manufacturers worldwide.

- Excellent customer support after purchase.

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